Education is largely responsible for how much each individual has opportunities in life and is now understood even as a human right. Education allows any social advancement. Education also helps to understand complex challenges of our society and to deal with them.

While it is in conventional animal husbandry mainly to maximize the meat yield and profit, is on the animal welfare, aside the economic aspects also the the welfare of animals in the foreground. Animal welfare is an important part of organic agriculture.

Intelligence agencies gather information about other countries and people. Especially intelligence activities or the consequences of these activities, today provide much turmoil and uncertainty in the World: torture and kidnapping, mass surveillance, covert operation, etc.

Wind energy is, in addition to the solar energy, the fastest growing type of renewable energy in the fight against nuclear power plants or coal power plants. To convert the wind into energy windmills are used which are often situated in sparsely populated areas or in some distance from settlements.

Lobbying is a direct form of influence of various stakeholders on policy decisions of individual politicians or entire parties to change new laws to their own advantage. It can also be called legal corruption.

The intensive exploitation of raw materials, especially coal, oil sands or copper, leads to enormous environmental impacts and destroying of the landscape. Before an open pit mine is built forests are cleared and entire villages relocated. The consequences are the destruction of the original biosphere and social conflicts with the local population.